๐Ÿ†• New YIELD platform, up to 13% on stablecoin !

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Presentation of the new Yield platform

Their staking, for example for the usdc or the usdt, you earn from 6 to 10% and 1 to 3% in YLD (it all depends on the amount of yield staked, you need for example 1000 yield tokens to be in Sylver).

This can be interesting because you also win on a currency that fluctuates, just like celcius or other platforms, token prices are relatively low at the beginning, so keep your yield until the price rises, I remind you that the Yield platform is recent!

1. A friend signs up using your referral link or QR code
2. They deploy $1,000 or more into Yield App portfolios and stake or lock a minimum of 1,000 YLD for 30 days
3. You both receive a random amount of YLD rewards (up to 1,000 YLD)

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Watch On Youtube !

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Watch On Youtube !

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