Love, Death & Robots sets up a quest to discover NFT treasures. ๐ŸŽ


Nine illustrations to obtain

So the production team crafted a captivating adventure, in the form of a QR code quest, to engage fans. In total, nine of these codes are scattered, revealing images that emanate from the various universes explored in season 3 of the series. To decode all of these codes and digitize them, particular attention is required.

Netflix has cleverly camouflaged these QR codes in various spheres: stay tuned for the show’s official accounts on social media platforms! In addition, the platform also evokes a physical dimension, in which codes have been judiciously placed. While the details are cryptic, the streaming service’s strategy is to generate excitement and build a community of treasure seekers.

Once a QR code is scanned using a smartphone, the corresponding image is captured. Then it is up to the user to “mine” it into a non-fungible token (NFT) via a blockchain transaction, or simply preserve the file by right-clicking. These illustrations are accessible at this address. Creating an NFT is not particularly complex, involving a transaction operation on a blockchain to add the image to the user’s collection. However, this approach comes with costs.

Since May 20, NFTs in the series have generated trades exceeding $36,000 on the OpenSea platform. Currently, there are some 27,000 NFT Love, Death & Robots holders. However, this initiative unfortunately remains restricted to US viewers with a Coinbase account or MetaMask wallet.

The NFTs can be viewed by following this link.

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