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Just 10 days post-launch, we’re already boasting 7300 daily active users.

7300 daily active users 10 days post-launch

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized gaming, Robots Farm stands out with its astonishing growth. Just 10 days post-launch, we’re already boasting 7300 daily active users. Such a rush hints at the game’s potential and its gripping experience.

Earn free points instantly

Marketing in the decentralized world is undergoing a transformation. While many projects splash their cash on dubious influencers, Robots Farm has chosen a different path. Partnering with Zealy, we empower our community. Instead of empty likes and shares, our users can earn free quests by being active on Twitter. This direct engagement not only fosters a dedicated user base but also establishes a transparent marketing paradigm.

Entirely gas-free

If you’re thinking you’re late to the party, think again. We’re just getting started. The massive potential and partnerships are still under wraps. Our recent nod from zkSync Era, with its impressive 1.2 million user base, speaks volumes. But what truly makes Robots Farm a game-changer is its integration of ZK 0 knowledge proof architecture. In layman’s terms, this means the game is entirely gas-free. You can play without the constant worry of hefty transaction fees, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective experience.

Read more about zero-knowledge proof

Claim one free quests

Have an old wallet gathering digital dust? It might just be your ticket to a windfall on Robots Farm. With the upcoming difficulty spike, considering almost 5 million tokens have already been discovered, old wallets have a unique advantage to claim onefree quest everyday. These wallets have an 8% chance of obtaining a Crate every day. And with some Crates fetching as much as 40 USD on open markets, it’s an opportunity too good to miss.

In-game Marketplace: A New Trading Paradigm

While ZK marketplaces have facilitated trading for high-value items, we felt something was missing. Enter the in-game marketplace, aimed at invigorating trades for lower-tier items. With the impending increase in Crate difficulty, this marketplace promises to be a bustling hub for trades, adding another layer of strategy and engagement.

Roadmap for next 14 days

As we progress, Robots Farm is not just about individual achievements but also about collaborative gameplay. The introduction of Guilds promises to redefine how users interact, ushering in an era of collective strategizing and rewards. Add to this mix the Notification Center, ensuring you never miss out on any event, and the Leaderboard, pitching the best against the best. The gaming experience is all set to reach new, unparalleled heights.

Robots Farm’s journey is akin to a roller coaster that’s only going upwards. With user empowerment at its core and continuous innovations, it’s not just a game; it’s a revolution. Join us, and be a part of this exciting narrative.

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